"Everything You Can Imagine Is Real" Picasso x Teressa Ong - 297mm x 297mm Giclée Print

By The Paperplane Emporium


Have we lost the gift of imagination?  We were once able to turn couches into the mightiest of ships, trees into mountains, and closets to the dungeons of evil witches. The adventures and journeys we would embark on would see us crossing vast oceans of carpet, climbing mountainous armchairs, and saving entire civilizations of stuffed animals and plastic figurines. That imagination could carry us through the most boring times, when we were stuck inside during a rainy day. 

With an inspired depiction of children playing under the bed with their ‘friend’, and a quote from one of the most famed and phenomenal artists throughout human history, this art print is the perfect reminder for us to reclaim our creativity. 

View the process GIF here.

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Size: 297mm x 297mm
Paper: Epson Archival Matte 192gsm
Print: Archival Pigment Ink

*Frame not included*

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