"Imagination" Albert Einstein x John Lim - 297mm x 297mm Giclée Print

By The Paperplane Emporium


There was no greater genius of the past age then Albert Einstein. A brilliant mind that could not even fathom the very idea of limits, less it was to break them. However Einstein was not limited to just standard ‘logical’ brilliance. The man understood the importance of creativity, of imagination. He knew that logic could only bring someone so far, to the absolute ends of the possible, and that it was utilizing the imagination that would bring you to the impossible. 

Remind yourself, your family and friends that logic has its limits, and that it is only the creative mind that can defy those limits.

View the process GIF here.

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Size: 297mm x 297mm
Paper: Epson Archival Matte 192gsm
Print: Archival Pigment Ink

*Frame not included

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