The Abominable Norman - Character Button Badges

By The Paperplane Emporium


If you want to declare your love for The Abominable Norman (and why wouldn't you?), these badges are perfect. The four designs beautifully capture the charm of key characters from the story, making them a fantastic gift for present and future fans of the lovable Norman.

The pensive Yeti is a bit under the weather as he is pictured at the start of his quest to find out exactly what or who he is. Then there is Norma, wearing a bow as she ponders the same question while starting to make what will surely be the world's most intriguing snow angel. A bright orange crab tries to maintain the illusion that he is extremely dangerous and certainly not at all friendly as he stands in an attack position. The smoky city of Barnacle rises to the clouds with its menacing skyscrapers.

Size: 35mm round
Finish: Mirrorkote

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