"Art and Life" Goldberg x Ong - 297mm x 297mm Giclée Print

By The Paperplane Emporium


We're all different and sometimes we appreciate starkly different things. This quite obvious fact of life is wonderfully captured in an illustration that shows just how beloved or meaningless one thing can be for two different beings. A dog hugs a white bone and smiles blissfully while a cat looks puzzled at this display of affection towards a bland and useless object. All around, toys and treasures are left for others to find and to love.

This quote by Whoopi Goldberg praises individuality and the importance of having the freedom to like whatever your heart desires. May this print remind you or a loved one that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but that it resides in the heart. Always the heart.

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Size: 297mm x 297mm

Paper: Epson Archival Matte 192gsm

Print: Archival Pigment Ink

*Frame not included*

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