"Clocks" - 24pp Graphic Short Story

By The Paperplane Emporium


Our lives are not a single, linear path. There are a number of twists, turns, forks, loops, and the occasional off-road trip. As we go through our lives, we make decisions that may seem insignificant or of little consequence, but they can echo throughout time. These are choices that seem so minor, a telephone call, a ticking clock, a quick decision, a life that is forever changed.

In this graphic short, we explore the idea of those echoes and how minor choices can influence us for the rest of our lives. It’s a study of what it would be like if we were able to turn back the clock and return to the very moment when we made those decisions. Those moments, when absolutely everything changed.

These pre-first editions are hand-printed and finished in our studio on recycled 80gsm paper. Each copy is numbered and signed by the author and illustrator, and comes with:

  • 24-page studio edition graphic one-shot
  • Special note from the author
  • 297mm x 297mm giclée print

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Words by Chrissy Lim
Art by Lynn Lim
Size: 168.4mm x 260.1 mm
Paper: Recylpal 80gsm
Print: Digital CMYK

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