"Paint My Dream" Van Gogh x Teressa Ong - 297mm x 297mm Giclée Print

By The Paperplane Emporium


To say that dreams take place in a different realm cannot begin to do them justice. Within them, we enter a reality where we are bound by no limits, not by the laws of physics or nor the conventions of society. It’s a blurred world where everything mixes together to form something utterly unique.

The greatest artists were able to combine the contents of their wildest dreams with that of their view of reality. This print is a testament to one of those titanic artists, who took direct inspirations from his dreams and managed to turn them into brilliant works of art. With a complete mastery of color, his works such as The Starry Night show the fluid nature of the dreamscape, mixed with a traditional realities of everyday life and reinterpreted by our very own Teressa Ong.

View the process GIF here.

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Size: 297mm x 297mm
Paper: Epson Archival Matte 192gsm
Print: Archival Pigment Ink

*Frame not included*

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