"Read Deeply" Austin Kleon x Teressa Ong - 297mm x 297mm Giclée Print

By The Paperplane Emporium


Reading. Sometimes we take it for granted and forget just how magical it can be to delve into strange worlds where anything can happen. And it usually does, especially if the book is good. But it's not only the act of reading that creates that spellbinding atmosphere. Open minds lead to fascinating discoveries, and not just in the fictional world. 

This quote from author and creativity guru Austin Kleon should be viewed as solid life advice. Even the adorable black cat in this vibrant illustration understands the words perfectly. And it has a box on its head. So what's stopping you from finding your own mesmerising wonders?

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Size: 297mm x 297mm

Paper: Epson Archival Matte 192gsm

Print: Archival Pigment Ink

*Frame not included*

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